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Thu, 05 Mar 2015   
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05 Mar 2015

Create Project in ODI12c using Groovy Script

Create Project using ODI12c Groovy Script: This is a quick post based on the request coming from newbies in OTN. Using this post you will be able to create a project and mapping in ODI 12c. To create a groovy script in ODIStudio, navigate to Tools>Groovy>New Script. You can refer this post written by DavidAllan to get more insight about 12c Scripts. Make sure you have reversed EMP table under these models. USERSRC USERDEST import oracle.odi.domain.project.OdiProject import oracle.odi.domain.project.finder.IOdiProjectFinder import oracle.odi.domain.model.finder.IOdiDataStoreFinder import oracle.odi.domain.project.finder.IOdiFolderFinder import oracle.odi.domain.project.finder.IOdiKMFinder import oracle.odi.domain.mapping.finder.IMappingFinder import oracle.odi.domain.adapter.project.IKnowledgeModule.ProcessingType import oracle.odi.domain.model.OdiDataStore import ...

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