Configure ODI JAVA EE AGENT on Windows Server 2008 ,64 bit

Today we are going to configure Java EE Agent for ODI You need to ensure below points.

1. JDK 7 is required for server components in case of ODI but not for So here we will take JDK 7. If its not done then download from here
2. You should have installed weblogic ( WLS 10.3.6 for ODI ). If not you can download from here
3. You should have configured standalone agent successfully. If its not done then refer to the post here s

So lets start the configuration.

Open command prompt and switch to below location and then type config and press enter as given in below screenshot.

See carefully I have taken hyphen (-) not underscore (_). You can take any name for domain.


Now the domain creation is done. Here you need to create one agent in ODI Studio. Go to topology, rightclick on agent-> new agent. Provide the agent name OracleDIAgent and port number as given in below screenshot

Go to command prompt again and switch to below location. Type config and press enter.

Here select replace existing component and then press ok.

Here you provide odi_server1. Its because I had tried with some other names like “my_wl_server” but at the end when i tested the agent, it was not successful. I am still trying to find the reason for this. For now you move with odi_server1.


Now go to below location in new command prompt and type startWeblogic and then press enter.

Wait untill you get message “Server started in running mode as above”
Now go to below location in new command prompt and type wlst and then press enter.

Now copy those codes line by line and enter in your command prompt. If you have different password then provide. Keep in mind that it is case sensitive.

createCred(map=”oracle.odi.credmap”, key=”SUPERVISOR”, user=”SUPERVISOR”, password=”SUNOPSIS”, desc=”ODI SUPERVISOR Credential”)

createCred(map=”oracle.odi.credmap”, key=”ODI-DOMAIN”, user=”weblogic”, password=”admin1234!”, desc=”ODI-DOMAIN Credential”)

After providing above three keys type exit(). Then change the directory to
C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\ODI-DOMAIN\bin .Now start the managed server as given in below screenshot.
StartManagedWeblogic odi_server1

Thats all. If you want to stop the managed server then open another command prompt and switch to below location
and type StopManagedWeblogic odi_server1. When it will be stopped type stopWeblogic. This command will stop Adminserver. See you on next post.

As always comments are welcome.


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Bhabani( - Currently Bhabani is working as Technical Lead Product Development at Harman International. He has good expertise on Oracle, ODI, Pervasive Data Integrator, MSBI, Talend, Cloud Integration (AWS, GCP, Azure) , Map-R and Apache Airflow. He is also contributing in ODI-OTN forum for last 7 years. He is from India. If you want to reach him then please visit contact us page. If you have any doubts or concerns on the above article, please put your question here. Dw Team will try to respond it as soon as possible. Also dont forget to provide your comments / suggestions / feedback for further improvement. Thanks for your time.

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thanks for writing about it.

Thanks you for the info Bhabani, it really helps.

Thanks it is nice, but can you post the same how to setup J2EE agents on liux 64

Hi Bhabani,

If I need to configure multiple agents, do i need to make multiple domains?

Thanks and regards,

Yes, you need to create multiple domain for multiple ee agent. Well you can also configure this on multiple managed server inside one domain. Depends on the requirement.

Thanks Bhabani..

Do you have any blog related to Data Services ?


Hi Bhabani,

We installed ODI by extending the existing domain in weblogic. But ODI Agent was not deployed properly. It is in failed status and giving connection related errors. We tried by re starting it but no use.

While installing JEE agent we did not select Stand alone agent as we thought of going with JEE agent. Is Stand alone agent installation must to install JEE agent? Please suggest us.

thank you

I believe standalone agent is not required, but its suggestable to configure standaone agent proir to java ee agent.Better you configure, then create a new domain and proceed exactly i have mentioned in above post. I have never faced any issues in configuring local agents. ee agents/ odi console/ enterprise manager/ opmn, yet another java wrapper etc.

Thanks Bhabani.


Hi Bhabani,

I have followed the same steps as you mentioned above. No warnings while starting the weblogic and managed servers but while testing the agent it showed the below error. Can you please suggest the reason for this ?

ODI-1425: Agent application cannot be reached using http://localhost:8001/oraclediagent.

You login to the Admin Console and verify the status of EE Agent.


Tried again with a different port, now the agent started successfully !!!
Thanks a lot 🙂

Also started the agent this time which I dint do it previously
(agent.bat -NAME=OracleDIAgent -PORT=29011 )
Is this the reason for the failure lastime ?

Dear Bhabani,

The site is very useful and thanks a lot for the nice posts. I have one query regarding ODI Java EE agent. I want to execute Shell scripts or OS command via Java EE agent. Please let me know if it is possible. Please also let me know if we can configure multiple Java EE agent under one domian.


Hi Bhabhani,
I want to check which odi agent I have, whether its standalone or j2ee. Is there a table /file parameter which points to the type of agent?

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