Disable/Enable Odi Loadplan Step using SDK

Disable/Enable Odi Loadplan Step using SDK:

This post is based on theĀ request raised on OTN. I know it took a few days to post it here and I apologize for that. Its all because of lack of time.

Let’s take a look on the following code snippet. It is not that difficult if you have fair knowledge on core java programming. Initially I didn’t find a way to select the substep as parent step as I was trying to get all of its children steps using getChildren() method. But finally I found the trick and it was just a type cast.

import java.util.List;

import oracle.odi.core.OdiInstance;
import oracle.odi.core.config.MasterRepositoryDbInfo;
import oracle.odi.core.config.OdiInstanceConfig;
import oracle.odi.core.config.PoolingAttributes;
import oracle.odi.core.config.WorkRepositoryDbInfo;
import oracle.odi.core.persistence.transaction.ITransactionStatus;
import oracle.odi.core.persistence.transaction.support.DefaultTransactionDefinition;
import oracle.odi.core.security.Authentication;
import oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan.OdiLoadPlan;
import oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan.OdiLoadPlanStep;
import oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan.OdiLoadPlanStepContainer;
import oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan.OdiLoadPlanStepSerial;
import oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan.finder.IOdiLoadPlanFinder;

public class ScenSchedule {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String Url = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe";
String Driver="oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver";
String Master_User="ODI_MASTER_OLD";
String Master_Pass="odi";
String WorkRep="WORKREP651";
String Odi_User="SUPERVISOR";
String Odi_Pass="SUNOPSIS";

MasterRepositoryDbInfo masterInfo = new MasterRepositoryDbInfo(Url, Driver, Master_User,Master_Pass.toCharArray(), new PoolingAttributes());
WorkRepositoryDbInfo workInfo = new WorkRepositoryDbInfo(WorkRep, new PoolingAttributes());
OdiInstance odiInstance=OdiInstance.createInstance(new OdiInstanceConfig(masterInfo,workInfo));
Authentication auth = odiInstance.getSecurityManager().createAuthentication(Odi_User,Odi_Pass.toCharArray());
ITransactionStatus trans = odiInstance.getTransactionManager().getTransaction(new DefaultTransactionDefinition());

OdiLoadPlan odilplan= ((IOdiLoadPlanFinder) odiInstance.getTransactionalEntityManager().getFinder(OdiLoadPlan.class)).findByName("TESTLOADPLAN");
OdiLoadPlanStepSerial olpss=odilplan.getRootStep();
List<OdiLoadPlanStep> olpchild= olpss.getChildrenSteps();

for (int i = 0; i < olpchild.size(); i++) {
System.out.println("Prniting hierarchy " +i+"\n");
OdiLoadPlanStep olps= olpchild.get(i);
OdiLoadPlanStepContainer olpsc= (OdiLoadPlanStepContainer)olps;
List<OdiLoadPlanStep> olpscchild=olpsc.getChildrenSteps();
System.out.println("Printing steps under above hirarchy \n");
for (int j = 0; j < olpscchild.size(); j++) {
//based on the hierarchy and children you can disable any of the steps.

System.out.println("Loadplan Updated Successfully");
if (odiInstance != null)

if (auth != null) {


As you can see the ODISQLUNLOAD has been unchecked.


Let me know if you find any other workaround.

Thanks guys!!


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Thanks for great post Bhabani. I am struggling to find info to invoke Console so that I can see my println output. I need to debug some groovy code in ODI studio. Could you shed some light into it please ?

Thanks for your help.

What happens if we check or uncheck the Root step option here?

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