How and where to start ODI

How and where to start ODI:

Today you wont get that much excitement as I am not going to write anything new. The reason being I have got so many mails from people, those are new to ODI World, specifically those are coming from testing background or people from outside Data Warehouse world that they do not have much insight about ODI. How to use where to use and when to use. I feel happy that they are very open and do not hesitate to ask even silly question though they are experienced. Today I will try my best to give you some heads up to get you started. If you know any of the below step then you can jump to the next one. Dont expect you will get everything in one day just by reading. Patience and practice makes you perfect.

#1. Make sure you know what is data warehouse and different types of system. Always remember the 1st image in this link.

#2. What is ETL and what are the ETL tools available in market.,_transform,_load

#3. What are the reporting tools available in market.

#4. What is the different between ETL and ELT

#5. Make sure you know any of the RDBMS. For example Oracle.

#6.Introduction to ODI.

#7. JDK is an important part of ODI.

#8.Downloading and Installing ODI

#9. What is repository in ODI and its types.

#10.Creating repositories for ODI

#11. Load data from table to table in ODI


#13.Load from table to flat file in ODI

#14. Load data from flat file to table in ODI

#15. Load data from flat file to flat file in ODI


Thats it. If you have completed all the steps in your system then congratulation!! 🙂 . You are ready to start with advance stuff in ODI. It wont make you a master but enough to get you started with ODI. Need instant help if you are stuck?? No Problem. Here is the OTN Forum link where you can post your questions. Last but not the least I am always here to help you out.


1 Thank you for your recommendation.

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Bhabani( - Currently Bhabani is working as Technical Lead Product Development at Harman International. He has good expertise on Oracle, ODI, Pervasive Data Integrator, MSBI, Talend, Cloud Integration (AWS, GCP, Azure) , Map-R and Apache Airflow. He is also contributing in ODI-OTN forum for last 7 years. He is from India. If you want to reach him then please visit contact us page. If you have any doubts or concerns on the above article, please put your question here. Dw Team will try to respond it as soon as possible. Also dont forget to provide your comments / suggestions / feedback for further improvement. Thanks for your time.

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Does ODI supports SQL server 2012?
If so which is sjdbc/java version need to use?
thanks for your help!

Hi ODI wont come with SQL Server JDBC drivers. You can download the latest JDBC drover from below link. Regarding the ODI version I dont think there will be any issues.

I have Installed ODI software and ODI studio in my lap, also I created master and work repository. I have done with ODI studio login. Can I install only ODI studio alone in another machine and access it with a same login which I have created in my lap. If possible please help me on doing this

You can Gopinath. ODI studio act as client to the repository. So you can keep the repository anywhere in the world if latency is not a big factor. Cheers!!

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