Installing Talend Open Studio

Installing Talend Open Studio:

In this tutorial we will try to setup the environment and install Talend Open Studio for Data Integration. Since it is an Eclipse based graphical integrated development environment we really do not need to install step by step and configure studio parameters. Click on the download link below to go to Talend download software page.

Download Link

Scroll down the page till you see Download Free Talend Products. You will be able to see many softwares related to data integration, bigdata, data preparation, data quality, esb etc. Since we are planning to use it for integration , click on Data Integration. You can also download the Bigdata product, as I found data integration is the subset of Bigdata version and has all the components from data integration plus additional bigdata components. Once you are familiar with the tool then you can download the enterprise one which is actually the trialed version and test additional features. While downloading, I would recommend to use Internet Download Manager as I have seen several times it gets stopped in between.

Once your download is complete, extract the zip file. Here is how it looks like. I have additionally download TOS for Bigdata as well.


Now extract the zip file.

Double click on TOS_DI-win-x86_64.exe if it is 64 bit OS or else TOS_DI-win32-x86.exe for 32 bit OS. Soon you will see below screen.

A pop window will come up right after above screen. Here click on the create new project radio button and provide the name of your new project and click on create.

Then it will start loading the eclipse and talend libraries. This will take max 1 minute depending on the system. Now you can see the welcome screen where you will find some links related to documentation, demo projects, tutorials, forum etc. Instead creating some new jobs better click on the demo link and it will start downloading some projects.

That’s it. Now you have lot of jobs to explore the talend components and other functionalities.


In the coming posts, I will explain the uses of different windows/palettes. If you are from ODI background I will try to explain the functionality from ODI perspective as well. Before signing out for today I would suggest to create a login in talend forum.

Thanks for reading.


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