Oracle Released Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle Released Oracle Data Integrator

Hi Guys!!!

How are you doing ???? Its been a long time since my last post. I have a good news on ODI. On April 1 Oracle released the new version of ODI that is ( full version ). I have got few information on the enhancement. Please let me know if you get something more on this so that i can update it here.

Download Link.

Certification Matrix.

1. ODI WebSphere Support (Hot-Pluggability)

2. XML Driver Enhancements

3. New JDBC driver parameter compat_mode to indicate the compatibility with mapping modes such as the XDK XSD parser.s

4. Full support for XML Schema constructs by using standard Oracle parser:.

I am still trying to figure out the new features. I will update if i get anything.

For more information visit this link. Also you can refer the ID 1535341.1 .


Download Link for new features




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Bhabani( - Currently Bhabani is working as Technical Lead Product Development at Harman International. He has good expertise on Oracle, ODI, Pervasive Data Integrator, MSBI, Talend, Cloud Integration (AWS, GCP, Azure) , Map-R and Apache Airflow. He is also contributing in ODI-OTN forum for last 7 years. He is from India. If you want to reach him then please visit contact us page. If you have any doubts or concerns on the above article, please put your question here. Dw Team will try to respond it as soon as possible. Also dont forget to provide your comments / suggestions / feedback for further improvement. Thanks for your time.

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Thanks Bhabani for the update. I am going to give a try.

Thanks for the Update
I would like to know more details especially on Oracle Data Integrator Companion.

Kindly do the needful.

Pavan Kumar

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