Scheduling in ODI using SDK

Scheduling in ODI using SDK: After a long time am gonna write something about ODI SDK. I got a request from Kane in otn forum about scheduling in ODI without taking […]

Invalid string or buffer length in ODI

Invalid string or buffer length in ODI: Are you using JDK 64 bit on 64 bit operating system ? Are you processing excel files or mdb files etc using 64 […]

Commit Frequency in ODI

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Lookup in ODI 11g

Lookup in ODI 11g: Many people have confusion about Lookup in ODI (Specially Newbie) which is not a big deal in reality. Today I am going to explain itstep by […]

OpenTool in ODI using Java

OpenTool in ODI using Java: Hi Guys !!! 🙂 Today I am going to write something interesting for ODI Lovers. Whenever you are creating a package you can see a […]

ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service

Configure ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service : Hey Guys, I was testing the ODI Agent as windows service using YAJSW method given in oracle blog. Today I will try […]

ODI Interview Questions

ODI interview questions: 1. What is Oracle Data Integrator ? 2. Can we call ODI as a ETL tool. If yes then How ? 3. Is it a ELT tool? […]

Router Transformation in ODI

Router Transformation in ODI: Hi Guys!!!! Here is the post you were looking for. I had to spare few time  as I was getting so many emails on this. You […]

Send mail in ODI using Gmail Credentials

Send mail in ODI using Gmail Credentials: Are you facing problem in sending mail from ODI ??? Don’t you have any dedicated mail host ?? Are you getting bunch of […]

Transaction Control in ODI

Transaction Control in ODI: Hii Guys!!! Today we will be discussing on  how a transaction can be controlled in ODI. Many people specially beginners, always get confused with rollback/commit feature […]