Review User Activity in ODI 12.2.1

Review User Activity in ODI 12.2.1:

Today I am showing a new feature and probably something best for the admin guys. Its about the user statistics those are currently logged in to Odi Studio. Well in the earlier version we use to run queries against metadata tables to see their activity. Now its an inbuilt feature.

This screenshot is from ODI 12.1.3 missing this feature.



Below screenshot is from 12.2.1 where you can see the new option Review User Activity.



I did a quick test on two user to see what type of information it is going to show us. As usual the default user  SUPERVISOR  and one Bhabani Mahapatra created by Supervisor. After changing the date range, click on the filter icon. You will be seeing the login time, repository type, host name etc.

If the repository type is null that means it is connected to master repository. This could have been better by seeing on what object user has put a lock, last action performed.  But no doubt this can fetched with some queries and more like requirement specific.



For connection status there are three options available: All, Inactive and Active.



The user statistics is stored by introducing a new table SNP_USER_CONNECTED which was not present in 12.1.3.



Thats all for today. Keep visiting us for more tips and tricks.


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Superb stuff Bhabani, keep it going and us informed 🙂

we are using two data servers in ODI.but both having different port and service name.

Can we use one data server tables as source and other data server tables as target in ODI interface in ODI12.1.3.
Please suggest on this as we are getting error while generating scenario in this case.

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