Smart ExportImport from 11g to 12c

SmartExportImport from 11g to 12c:
Today got a request from one of my friend to show how smart export import behaves if we do it between 11g and 12c.  Remember any version of 11g object can be imported to 12c. To know what Oracle says refer this link.

Exported from: ODI
OS: Windows 8.1, Database: Release Production

Exported to: ODI
OS: Windows 8.1, Database: 12c

To showcase this I had taken HR and SH schema. In the 11g interface I have used two dataset with operator as intersect, a join between employees and department table, a filter on department_id, a refresh variable two give some random characters and odi user function for lower case. You can see down below, smart export/import works flawlessly without any issues. Interface got transformed into mappings with proper components. Functions and variables are created as it was in 11g.

Note: During import to 12C, it will ask you to provide an upgrade key. Remember this key and use the same for subsequent import. To know in more details about upgrade key click on this link.

Objects in 11g:





This is how it looks like after importing into 12c.






Here is a comparison of each object:



Thats all.
Let me know if you face any issues while performing smart export/import.


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Bhabani( - Currently Bhabani is working as Technical Lead Product Development at Harman International. He has good expertise on Oracle, ODI, Pervasive Data Integrator, MSBI, Talend, Cloud Integration (AWS, GCP, Azure) , Map-R and Apache Airflow. He is also contributing in ODI-OTN forum for last 7 years. He is from India. If you want to reach him then please visit contact us page. If you have any doubts or concerns on the above article, please put your question here. Dw Team will try to respond it as soon as possible. Also dont forget to provide your comments / suggestions / feedback for further improvement. Thanks for your time.

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That looks crisp and clear. 12c is more advanced than 11g.

How can I use the ODI SDK to do a smart import and export. This is possible on 11g however most of these classes are deprecated on 12c.

Hi Bhavani,

I am frequently visiting your site and like your post.
Every post giving good knowledge and real time it’s working fine. I am requesting you, can you post complex things like XML TO DB and DB TO XML loads with example. Here can you explain parent and child relationship also.


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