Uninstall of oracle weblogic 10.3.6

Uninstall of oracle weblogic 10.3.6:

Uninstall of oracle weblogic is really very simple. Here is the screenshot taken in windows server 2008 OS.

Thats all. Now it has been removed. If you are going to reinstall again then delete all your temp files. Press Windows+R in your keyboard and type %temp% . Now delete all files in the opened window. If some files cannot be deleted then skip it.


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I am having issues while Configuring OID. Can you please let me know best practice for OID installation. as of now I have installed Jrockit, Weblogic generic version 10.3.6 and Oracle IDM . All 64 bit installations.
Is ODSM required for accesing OID??

I installed oracle database 11g correctly. and it is working fine. After that i installed jdk-7 u45 . and i installed web logic server correctely. when i installed forms and reports it is not properly installed.
so i uninstall forms and weblogic server and jdk7 also. and removed all the files from c:\oracle\webserver. Now the c:\oracle files are here. and database is working fine.
i want to reinstall web logic server . so i reinstalled jdk7 u45 . But when i double click on the icon of wls1036_generic.jar it is going to open in internet explorer and try to save the file.and not running the jar file.
Please help me the procedure for installing web logic server .

Thanks & Regards
princy Vinod

Dear Princy
Thats not the right to way open a jar file. Please open command prompt and switch to the location where you have the jar file.

java -jar wls1036_generic.jar

Let me know if it works for you or not.

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