Change Internal ID of ODI Repository

Change Internal ID of ODI Repository:

Hi Guys!!
I have a quick post on renumbering the internal id of ODI repositories. Please take backup of your repositories before attempting below steps. Otherwise you might lose your valuable projects.

Change Internal ID of ODI Repository

Right click on the work repository and click renumber



Click Yes.




Provide the new ID.




Click Yes.





You are done!!.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hello Bhabani,

    I tried changing internal id of my repository, but all the times, appears the message: “ODI-23044: The new ID you have chosen is already in use as a table “SNP_VAR_DATA” primary key. The renumbering has been aborted. No changes have been made.”
    I deleted the register at the table SNP_VAR_DATA that was using the number and the problem goes on. Do you have any idea?


    • Renato, I encountered the “The new ID you have chosen is already in use” error. I simply changed the new ID to a high number (900) and I got past that error. Unfortunately, now I’m getting a new error: “ORA-02292: integrity constraint (ODI_MASTER_REP_V7B.FK_VERSION_SNP_DAT) violated – child record found”.

      I’m currently upgrading ODI. I think I will leave my repository ID alone in Dev and just try to change the IDs in the upper environments.

  2. Hi Renato,

    I have the same problem, with some id´s i´ve got to start the renumbering process but failed with no specific error, could you resolve your problem?

    Thank you.

  3. Hello when I am trying to connect to Work repository I am getting the error can you please let me know the issue

    oracle.odi.core.config.RepositoriesNotBoundException: ODI-10150: Work repository with ID 10 is not bound to master:
    Definition in master ID:10, Name:DEV_WORKREP10, Timestamp:1461075568213
    Definition in work ID:10, Name:DEV_WORKREP10, Timestamp:1500404903422.

  4. Hi,
    Does this solution work for packages also?
    I have duplicated one package and made the changes in the duplicate. Now I am having internal id conflict during deployment

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