Creating Repositories in ODI

Creating Repositories in ODI

Today we are going to create master and work repository in ODI We can create it using ODI Studio or using RCU. Lets start with ODI Studio.

1st you have to create 3 user as follows.
1. User for master repository (Any name)
2. User for work repository (Any name )
3. User with dba privilege (Here username should be sysdba)

create user sysdba identified by system
grant connect,resource to sysdba
grant dba to sysdba

create user odi_master_user identified by odi
grant connect,resource to odi_master_user

create user odi_work_user identified by odi
grant connect,resource to odi_work_user

If you want to provide tablespace then just append below query in every create user statement.

default tablespace users temporary tablespace temp

Now open ODI Studio. Press CTRL+N on keyboard.



Remember the ID of master repository.






Now click on Connect to repository and you will get below popup window. Then click on the plus symbol.



Here provide a ID other than the ID supplied in master repository.


After finish disconnect master repository as given in below screenshot.

Click again on connect repository and select the work repository from dropdown. Now provide the password SUNOPSIS and then click OK.



Thats all. Now you can see the designer tab enabled.

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  1. Please provide the details.
    Can you please tell the procedure to create physical and logical schema with snapshots and what are all the initial steps to create a transformations in ODI11g

  2. Hi ,
    I have gone through your assignment it’s really good.

    Could you tell me if I created the 2nd WORK REPOSITORY i.e. WORKREP23, then I am not able to log in using the 1st WORK REPOSITORY i.e. odi_work_rep.

    Could you tell me, why this is happened?

    If I want to log-in using both 1st and 2nd WORK REPOSITORY , then it is possible?

    • AT any point of time you can only login to one work repository. However you can see all the work repository name including the current one you have logged on but all of them must be associated with one master repository

  3. Hi,

    How do we connect to multiple environment using ODI studio? We have a DEV and TEST environment with different master repositories. We have copied one set of cwallet and jps*.xml files in the client directory. This is causing issues where we couldn’t connect to multiple environments. Any suggestions for this issue?

    Dinesh Veera

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