Increase Scenario Internal id Sequence Using ODI SDK

Increase scenario internal id sequence using ODI SDK:

In this post I will be demonstrating ODI SDK code that can be used to increase the internal id sequence in ODI 11g.  Now the question is, in what scenario we should implement this code? Well recently we had some issue with our dev environment. Unfortunately we had no daily backup of our repository. So when we restored it to couple of months back we started facing id clash issue. To be more specific when we create a new scenario in our dev repository, there will be another scenario with the same internal id in production. That means when you will promote the dev version to production it will replace the existing scenario and support team will be breaking their head thinking, someone has deleted it.

So now either you have to create the same scenario again and again unless you get an unique number or you need to import it in duplicate mode in production. Importing duplicate mode is not a good idea so I thought to write this piece of code that can create and delete a scenario multiple times in a loop. Since sequence number never goes back it will fulfill my requirement.

Here is the code for your reference. Do let me know if you have got some other ideas as well.



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