ODI Installation on Windows Server 2008 64 bit

ODI Installation on Windows Server 2008 64 bit:

Today we will install ODI on windows server 2008, 64 bit. So lets start it.
Go to this location to download ODI Software

After download extract it and open command prompt and go to the DISK1 location. Now use this command to start it.
setup.exe -jreLoc C:\Java\java\jdk1.7.0
Now below screen will come up.

If you have installed weblogic server then go for Java EE Installation otherwise uncheck the box. In my case I have WLS installed already.

If you have installed weblogic then it will automatically detect the weblogic installation location.

Here I will skip the repository configuration as i have already for ODI version. You can also create new repositories inside ODI Studio without taking the help of RCU.

Now ODI installation is successful. Lets start it

Oops..Which kind of message is this ?

Here we need to change the setJavaHome path. So before moving we should have installed jdk 6 in the same location that is C:\Java\Java\jdk1.6.0_33. If you have not installed then download from this link.

Okay after the jdk 6 installation, lets go to C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_ODI1\oracledi\client\odi\bin folder.
Now open odi.conf with notepad and modify it as given in below screenshot.( You need to point to the jdk6 location. If it is 64 bit OS then point to 64 bit jdk6. If 32 bit OS then point to 32 bit jdk6)

Initially we had above path. Now it will point to 64 bit jdk location as given in below screenshot. After modifying save it. Now you are good to go.

Here it is :D.

Click on connect to repository.Create a new login connection by clicking the + plus symbol. Give necessary credentials here.Keep in mind that the supervisor password is SUNOPSIS.Test the connection and click ok.

Hmmmm. It seems like you have to upgrade your repositories. Follow this post to upgrade them.

Thats all.
Thank you

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  1. 1.Is java eee agent setup msndatory?
    2.Cant we use odi11g without weblogic server?
    3. Can you let me know the purposeof weblogicprovidedin 11g?

    • 1. Its not mandatory.
      2. Yes you Can.
      3. Java Ee agent is required unless you have requirement for
      centralizing the deployment and management of all applications in an enterprise
      application server, or when you have requirements for high availability. lets say webservices . Similarly Weblogic (Application Server) is required if you want to take the benefit of odi console, enterprise manager etc.

  2. I ma trying to get the Oracle Studio up and running in Ubuntu 13.04. The studio will not start up. Have you have any experience getting ODI working in Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not officially supported by Oracle though.

    • Use below command to start it
      ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs

      Make sure you have given proper execution permission. For example
      chmod 755 -R ODI_UNZIPPED_FOLDER

      • Thanks Bhabani.
        That works. I guess i had not given the permissions to the installation dir last time around. Just for information of others, you also have to edit ../oracledi/client/odi/bin/odi and change #!/usr/local/bin/bash to #!/bin/bash.

  3. Hi,

    When i was trying to install ODI i got the following Error,


    Steps what i have done before installing:

    1) Copied the Disk 2 folder and pasted it inside the Disk 1 Folder.

    2)Skipped the repository configuration and proceeded to the “Specify Agent Details” and provided the details in that step and moved to the next step.

    In the stage of Installation at 19% completed, the above error was thrown. When i looked in to the above mentioned path there is no such folder/file next to the folder of win64. My colleague suggested me to proceed further by clicking the “Continue” button. The same error was thrown with the name of filegroup3.jar, filegroup4.jar and so on. I skipped those by clicking “Continue” button and proceeded further. After that at last the installation was completed and the message was displayed “Installation is completed successfully”.

    When i clicked Start->All Programs->Oracle->Oracle Data Integrator->ODI Studio, a message displayed saying that “Window is searching for odi64.exe. To Locate the file by yourself click Browse”.

    When i downloaded the same again from e-delivery, i didn’t see any such path or file/folder next to win64. Please help me in finding out and solving the issue.


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