ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service

Configure ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service :

Hey Guys, I was testing the ODI Agent as windows service using YAJSW method given in oracle
blog. Today I will try to explain it with the help of more visuals. In my next post I will try to explain the OPMN configuration which is quite complex than this approach. So you just have to download the zip file from
Now unzip it and start the ODI standalone agent which is already configured by you. Don’t forget to test the agent is successful or not.
Upon successful open task manager and proceed as given in below images.
ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service
Now you have got the PID. Open command prompt and go to the location where you have the unzipped folder. Call the genConfig.bat under bat folder and provide the PID as follows.
> genConfig.bat 4332
Screen print given below.
ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service

Above bat file will create the wrapper.conf file under conf folder. No need to do any changes as it will take the configuration from your odiparams.bat file. The only thing you need to worry about is the ‘comma’. Just give a backslash before comma for all encoded password. For example :   jkj\,ds12132sdsdsd
You can change some values as given in the red rectangle. Whatever you provide here, will be shown in windows service.
ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service
Now save everything and call the runConsole.bat under the bat folder in command prompt.
ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service
You can see the agent is now running. Test the same in ODI Studio for successful status.
ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service
Yes it is. If you are interested to install it as service then call the installService.bat under bat folder. After calling the bat file you might see the message given in below screenshot.
ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service
Well after this message I thought something happened behind the scene. So I tried to start the service in services window and got some errors. Anyway thats fine. Lets restart the system and start the service again.
ODI 11g Agent as Windows Service
Open ODI Studio and test the agent. Definitely you must be getting ” Agent Successful” status.:D
Thats all for today. Let me know if you face any issues.


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I am trying to implement the above concept but in first step when i run the command getconfig.bat <> it is throwing an error like “”cannot find the process <>

can you please guide me regarding this.

You have to provide the PID. Have you given this ? In my case it is 4332.

Yeah i have given my PID as getconfig.bat 2408 bt it is throwing an error like “cannot find the process id”

Are you getting the PID fixed or variable every time you check it ? There is some issue with this PID definitely. Let me know. Thanks

sridhar chegoori / Reply

Hello Bhabani.
thanks for you post and its been great help.
i went thru all the steps you mentioned and i got stuck in running runConsole.bat process. here is the error
Dec 11, 2012 2:13:14 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\lib\scripting\*.jar
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:14|working dir C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_ODI1\oracledi\agent\bin
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:14|create script: scripts/trayMessage.gv
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:14|found script scripts/trayMessage.gv
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:14|started process with pid 2728
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:14|set state RESTART_START->RUNNING
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|[INFO] StandardFileSystemManager – Using “C:\DOCUME~1\d521901\LOCALS~1\Temp\vfs_cache” as temporary files store

INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|platform null
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|error finding main method in class: -Djava.security.policy=server.policy : -Djava.security.policy=server.policy
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: -Djava.security.policy=server.policy
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|no java main method found -> aborting
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|Trigger found: Exception in line:
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: -Djava.security.policy=server.policy
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:200)
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|start script scripts/trayMessage.gv
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:188)
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|end script scripts/trayMessage.gv
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:303)
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launcher.java:308)
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:248)
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at org.rzo.yajsw.app.WrapperManagerImpl.init(WrapperManagerImpl.java:293)
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at org.rzo.yajsw.app.WrapperManagerProxy.getWrapperManager(WrapperManagerProxy.java:51)
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at org.rzo.yajsw.app.AbstractWrapperJVMMain$1.run(AbstractWrapperJVMMain.java:45)
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at org.rzo.yajsw.app.AbstractWrapperJVMMain.preExecute(AbstractWrapperJVMMain.java:38)
INFO|2728/5|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16| at org.rzo.yajsw.app.WrapperJVMMain.main(WrapperJVMMain.java:36)
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|Controller State: WAITING -> PROCESS_KILLED
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|too many restarts
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|set state RUNNING->STATE_ABORT
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|process not in state RUNNING -> Delaying stop
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|set state STATE_ABORT->IDLE
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|Shutting down Wrapper
WARNING|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|[id: 0x00652110, / => /] exception java.io.IOException: An existing connection
was forcibly closed by the remote host
WARNING|wrapper|”AGENT”|12-12-11 14:13:16|[id: 0x00652110, / :> /] disconnected
Press any key to continue . . .

can you please post the details of you wrapper.conf file? also what do i put in main class below
# Java Application main class

thanks in advance.

My 1st question will be, are you able to run the standalone agent successfully without going through above process ??

I have sent you my conf file to your mail id.

Please help me … having similar issue.

Request to send me the wrapper.conf file. (csr249@gmail.com)


INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:22|working dir C:\Windows
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:22|started process with pid 4544
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:22|restart process due to default exit code rule
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:22|restart internal RUNNING
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:22|stopping process with pid/timeout 4544 45000
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:23|process exit code: 1
Mar 25, 2013 3:32:28 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\lib\.
Mar 25, 2013 3:32:28 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\drivers\.
Mar 25, 2013 3:32:28 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\..\..\odi_misc\*.jar
Mar 25, 2013 3:32:28 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\lib\oracle.odi-agent-jse_11.1.1.jar
Mar 25, 2013 3:32:28 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\..\..\setup\manual\oracledi-sdk\oracle.odi-sdk-jse_11.1.1.jar
Mar 25, 2013 3:32:28 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\..\..\modules\oracle.jps_11.1.1\jps-manifest.jar
Mar 25, 2013 3:32:28 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\drivers\*.jar
Mar 25, 2013 3:32:28 PM org.rzo.yajsw.wrapper.FileUtils getFiles
WARNING: No files found for ..\lib\scripting\*.jar
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:28|working dir C:\Windows
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:28|started process with pid 5372
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:28|too many restarts
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:28|process not in state RUNNING -> Delaying stop
INFO|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:28|Shutting down Wrapper
WARNING|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:28|[id: 0x0616fdac, / => /] exception java.io.IOException: An existing connection was fo
WARNING|wrapper|”AGENT”|13-03-25 15:32:28|[id: 0x0616fdac, / :> /] disconnected

how can fix this ?

Does the same process work for as well??

I tried following the same process, but while I was trying to run the command runConsole.bat, the service was not getting started and was getting restarted everytime.

Let me know if you have the solutions for it.


it’s really good.

Could you tell me before we run the getConfig.bat file it is require to start the local agent using the following command prompt:

D:\oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1\oracledi\agent\bin>agent -NAME=localagent

I am waiting for your kind reply

Aside from doing it this way can you demonstrate the way oracle suggests to do it? I know both are great solutions. I just am stuck doing it the normal way and I can’t figure out where I have deviated.

Oracle suggests to do using OPMN configuration. Do you want me to post using OPMN configuration visuals ?

Hi Bhabani,

I am getting only java.exe*32 in task manager.
When I start standalone agent from usual path C:\oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1\oracledi\agent\bin, I can see java.exe
But not when I close this agent.
I am getting Agent test failed message when I try to test it in ODI after successfully running runConsole.bat

Could you please help me in this?


Question is not clear to me. I have added you in gmail to chat.
Also forget about the windows service now. Just tell me are you able to start the local agent successfully?

Hi Bhabani,

I am able to start agent successfully (by command line)


Anmol Kaushik / Reply

Why do we have to use a Java Wrapper to achieve this? If I am able to start an agent using the agent.bat command on cmd.exe. Can’t I simply start the command using the sc.exe program in windows? Could someone explain why a Java wrapper or opmn is needed?

Anmol Kaushik / Reply

Just so you know I am talking w.r.t. ODI 11.1.7.

Hi Anmol,

Just realised that it could have been created using windows sc.exe . Otherwise I was going to try this java wrapper. Did sc.exe worked for you? Can you please post the steps?


I tried doing it, but it gives me an error 1053 when i try to start that service. Perhaps i am missing something and need to explore more on this. Will need help from a windows expert on why this happens but the admins in my organization are equally baffled.

Just so you know, i tried creating a service with the agent.bat command in binPath and parameters to the script in Section called parameters when you open the service using the services.msc


You are required to run command prompt as administrator where you run sc commands.

I created the service using
sc.exe create localagent_agent1 …………. and giving relevant parameters

I can see that the service has been created now, but when I try to start it using (sc.exe start localagent_agent1) ends up with the following error;

[SC] StartService FAILED 1053:

The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Anmol and Saman- did you guys find the solution for sc.exe?

Bhabani- Thank you very much for always posting important information.


Rafael Cardoso / Reply


I’m trying to implement the concept Odi Agent Windows Service, when execute runConsole.bat the ODI start and restart status:
Below wrapper.log:
WARNING|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:06|YAJSW: yajsw-stable-11.11
WARNING|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:06|OS : Windows Server 2008 R2/6.1/amd64
WARNING|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:06|JVM : Sun Microsystems Inc./1.6.0_45/C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_45\jre/64
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:07|ahessian jmx service bound to port 15002
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:07|spawned system tray icon process with pid 11216
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:07|working dir E:\App\Oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1_standalone\oracledi\agent\bin
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:07|started process with pid 8428
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:08|restart process due to default exit code rule
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:08|restart internal RUNNING
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:08|stopping process with pid/timeout 8428 45000
WARNING|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:08|[id: 0x849185cc, / => /] connected
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:08|process exit code: 1
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:13|working dir E:\App\Oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1_standalone\oracledi\agent\bin
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:13|started process with pid 9056
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:14|restart process due to default exit code rule
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:14|restart internal RUNNING
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:14|stopping process with pid/timeout 9056 45000
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:14|process exit code: 1
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:19|working dir E:\App\Oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1_standalone\oracledi\agent\bin
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:19|started process with pid 9188
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:20|restart process due to default exit code rule
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:20|restart internal RUNNING
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:20|stopping process with pid/timeout 9188 45000
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:20|process exit code: 1
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:25|working dir E:\App\Oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1_standalone\oracledi\agent\bin
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:25|started process with pid 10468
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:26|restart process due to default exit code rule
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:26|restart internal RUNNING
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:26|stopping process with pid/timeout 10468 45000
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:26|process exit code: 1
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:32|working dir E:\App\Oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1_standalone\oracledi\agent\bin
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:32|started process with pid 7808
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:32|restart process due to default exit code rule
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:32|restart internal RUNNING
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:32|stopping process with pid/timeout 7808 45000
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:32|process exit code: 1
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:38|working dir E:\App\Oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1_standalone\oracledi\agent\bin
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:38|started process with pid 7280
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:38|too many restarts
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:38|process not in state RUNNING -> Delaying stop
INFO|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:38|Shutting down Wrapper
WARNING|wrapper|”/AGENT/”|14-08-08 06:32:38|[id: 0x849185cc, / => /] exception java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Could help me with why ODI reporting this scenario.
Best Regards
Rafael Cardoso

Hi Rafael,

I am also encountering the same issue, can you please provide your Solution for the above issue.

Best Regards,

Same issue as mentioned by Rafael, can you please provide the solution.


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