ODI 11g Repository Data Model Book by Uli Bethke and Maciek Kocon

ODI 11g Repository Data Model Book by Uli Bethke and Maciek Kocon:

If you love to play with ODI Repositories, if you want to explore more about the ODI Metadata, if you want to know more about the relevant tables where ODI stores the project information, the variable, interface, models,data store etc. then you are at the right place now. It’s now a matter of minutes for you to build the relationship between each related table. You need not to be a master in ODI SDK but if you have knowledge on any RDBMS, you can build your queries to retrieve more information in just a second.

Well, I am talking about Sonra.  Uli Bethke , Maciek Kocon have recently published a book on ODI repositories. I had requested them to get a copy of it. It’s about 15 days I was going through all the chapters and useful queries. I am very much impressed by their efforts in making the book more simpler and covering almost everything about ODI Repositories. This book is very helpful for ODI Architect, Team Leads, Software Developer. Even just a newbie can easily understand the functionality.

Personally, I would love to see the 12c repository models in the next version. Anyway, this is just the beginning. Lots of more coming from Sonra Team.

Some of the use cases for this book
– Extract information from the Operator log for reporting
– Impact analysis, e.g. find all interfaces a datastore is used in.
– Identify objects for deployment
– Identify objects that have recently changed
– Error message extraction
– Automated code checklist

You will find lot of useful queries such as

– Logical Server, Physical Server with connection details including JDBC URL and schema information
– Unused Physical schemas, i.e. physical schemas that are not used in a logical data server.
– Work repositories and connection details
– Find unused logical schemas
– Retrieve all solutions and their associated principal and required elements
– Get all the Foreign Keys for a data store

and many more…….

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